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I get a lot of questions that sound something like this: „I like your advice about finding out what triggers my overeating and trying to fix it however things are really bad right now at my job, my boss might be quitting soon and they might be firing some of us…my family is really stressing me out…I’m lonely and I’m feeling depressed…I don’t like the building I live in because my neighbors are very noisy but I can’t move…“ Let me make one thing clear…I’m not making light of bad circumstances, life can be very hard at times and I know many people are struggling however blaming everyone and everything else for your overeating problem is NOT gonna fix anything, it’s ok to acknowledge that you’re going through tough circumstances however it is NOT OK to blame those circumstances for your overeating or any other problems… Lets say „Bob“ and „John“ are both out of work and are feeling lonely, sad and depressed… Bob could just sit at home, binge eat on junk food while watching TV all day and blaming his behavior on his tough circumstances. On the other hand John realizes that now he has more free time because he is NOT working and chooses to do positive & productive things with his time until he’s able to get another job. John goes to a book store and finds some new books to read, he spends more time out with his friends and at social events, he becomes more active and takes daily walks maybe even goes for a hike on the weekends, he learns some new recepies and uses his free time to cook healthier meals at home etc. I hope you are starting to see the difference and get the point…everyone goes through tough circumstances at different points in their life…and it’s true some of us have it way tougher than others…some of us are born with less than others, some of us are blessed with supportive families while others are cursed with families that constantly stress them out 😉 however at the end of the day you cannot blame your overeating or any other problem on tough circumstances because passing the blame will NOT fix anything… It’s okay to acknowledge your tough circumstances and even vent about them with your family and friends however you have to realize that at the end of the day you are the one in the driver’s seat, you are the one making choices, so instead of choosing to blame your tough circumstances or use them as an excuses, just chose to acknowledge them and try your best to go on with your life and make more positive choices…


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